Volkel Airshow 2013, The Netherlands - 100 years of Dutch military aviation

Main theme during the open house of the Royal Netherlands Air Force in 2013 was the celebration of 100 years of military aviation in the Netherlands. In 1913 the Dutch Ministry of War bought the airfield near Soesterberg to start its military aviation division. The celebration airshow was held on 14 and 15 June 2013 at Volkel Air Base.

On the ground was an impressive static display with a large variety of all kinds of aircraft: from fighters to civil aircraft & helicopters and from trainers to transport & early warning aircraft.

Besides the presentation of the capabilities of the RNethAF itself, many aircraft from abroad were present as partners from the Dutch air force. Famous demo teams from Italy (Frecce Tricolori), France (Patrouille de France), the United Kingdom (the Red Arrows) and Switzerland (Patrouille Suisse) showed their skills in many colors.

Another highlight was the power demo by the Dutch air force and army. During a simulated operation to arrest a ‘bad guy’ in a far away country, F-16’s and AH-64 Apache helicopters protected the forces that were dropped on the ground by CH-47 Chinooks and a C-130 Hercules.

The demonstrations by vintage aircraft like the Spitfire, Hunter and a Swedish Saab Viggen, but also by modern NATO military aircraft were also much appreciated by the large crowd that attended both days.